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Centre for Law in Action

As a result of the completion of a number of projects, the following instruments and tools were developed.

  • The most needed by-laws for local and district municipalities.
  • Policies covering the whole spectrum of local government.
  • Role clarification in terms of section 53 of the Municipal Systems Act.
  • A tool to measure the levels of effectiveness and/or functioning of ward committees.
  • A legislative compliance register for local authorities which can be used to:
    • Do a self-evaluation of the extent to which a local authority complies with all relevant legislation.
    • Assess the performance of municipal managers and section 57 appointments.
    • Conduct a legislative compliance audit.
    • Identify shortcomings and to rectify them.
  • A law enforcement scorecard that can be used to measure the progress of law enforcement activities.
  • Establishment of shared legal services centres.
  • Law enforcement strategies for local authorities.
  • Delegation registers either linked with role clarification sessions or as a stand-alone.
  • E-learning frameworks for the provision of training.
  • Information Technology Strategic Objectives Plans and IT Infrastructure Libraries that comply with ISO standards and the requirements of the Auditor General.
  • Development and implementation of and Electronic Petitions Tracking System.