Free Legal Services:

A recent survey showed that 80% of the inhabitants of Port Elizabeth are unaware of the existence of and services rendered by the Nelson Mandela University - Law Clinic.  This clinic offers free legal services (in civil matters) to qualifying members of the community by Qualified Attorneys, Candidate Attorneys and final year LLB students.

Who Qualifies:

All persons earning below R2 500.00 per month (gross) or those who have children and earn below R3 500.00 per month (gross) qualify for legal assistance at the NMMM - Law Clinic.

What matters are dealt with:

The Law Clinic deals with all legal matters except for Criminal Matters, Estates, Third Party Claims and the Transfer of property.  The clinic is thus able to assist with a variety of civil matters.  The Law Clinic enables final year law students the opportunity to gain practical experience, but at the same time, render a valuable service to the community by assisting them free of charge with their civil legal matters.

What does it cost:

The service is free of charge.  A small deposit is required in certain instances to cover disbursements, for instance sheriff's fees and revenue stamps.

How does it work:

Once a case has been opened by the students they will draft documents for the case under the supervision of the Law Clinic attorneys.  Once a matter proceeds to court the students hand the case over to one of the Law Clinic attorneys who will then fianlise the matter.

Where the Law Clinic is unable to assist a client, for any reason, the client will be referred either to a local firm or another institution for assistance.

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday:  08h00 - 16h00


The Law Clinic

Nelson Mandela University

Missionvale Campus

P.O. Box 77000

First Floor

Old Education Building


Port Elizabeth


E-mail:  Charlene.Pieterse@mandela.ac.za

Tel.:  (041) 504-1273

Fax: (041) 504-1674